Action aimed at aid for the execution of various incentive programs linked to self-consumption and storage, with renewable energy sources, as well as the implementation of renewable thermal systems in the residential sector, within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and European resilience.

- Self-consumption Photovoltaic Installation of 47.32 kWp, through the installation of photovoltaic solar panels in order to reduce energy consumption taken from the electrical network and thus reduce CO2 emissions emitted into the atmosphere.

• Objective: Call for subsidies for energy self-consumption facilities in the service sectors and other productive sectors, residential sector, public administrations and third sector and thermal applications in the residential sector.

• Annual energy saving: 4.73 toe/year

• Savings in annual GHG emissions: 19.17 tCO2

• Processing status: Granted

• Total investment made: €34,585.20

• Subsidy awarded: €8,646.30